A Change in the Flooring Makes a Huge Difference to the Interiors

A Change In The Flooring Makes A Huge Difference To The Interiors


A room with a dull look is never a welcoming sight for the homeowner or visitors in general.


Goodrich Global Vinyl Floor Tiles has something for everyone to make the home and commercial establishment look hip and trendy.


Let us look at why a change in the flooring makes a huge difference to the interiors of a building, with these points that highlight the reasons.
• A small room may need a revamp to make it appear larger than it actually is and with the right set of flooring, it changes the tone immediately. Tiles available today are not limited in size, in fact, one can get them larger or even smaller. A large format tile gets rid of additional grout making the room appear bigger than it is, which is the idea here.

Joseph Lewitin also shares on the time-saving aspect for switching.


• “Low maintenance. Vinyl flooring is relatively easy to care for. You have to make sure that grit and dirt are kept swept free to maintain the surface of the floor. Then, you can use a damp mop and an approved vinyl floor cleaner to remove stains. But few flooring options are as easy to care for as vinyl.” Read more here!


• Installing tiles diagonally sets a different tone in the interiors. However, the best places that feel this effect are in the kitchen, the play area for kids, the bathroom and even the foyer. The size of vinyl floor tiles need not be factored in when you are looking at something different from the rest.
• Random floor tiles positioned in different directions reduces a room. It makes a small space appear even smaller, and that is not what you are looking for when you are changing the floor tiles to make a huge difference. Strategically placed tiles of any hue with the right color tone that does not diminish light from filtering in is what you are looking for, without cutting corners.
• When you notice cracks on the tiles, you cannot make do with a mere facelift. If the grouting needs to be attended to, get it done right away. Chances of further issues can manifest if you neglect the problem. This will result in additional monies spent. Nevertheless, by using something that is easy to maintain, like vinyl sets the tone and actually does not cause a dent in the pocket.
• Take into account what exactly work for your home and never just go with anything that looks good elsewhere. Sometimes one may be restricted to space constraints and budget. If one room needs a change in tiles, do not consider going with a change for the entire home.


In Sum
With the right set of tiles, the interiors look different. The idea is to make sure that you get it done well, or you may end up losing sleep with an improper set of tiles installed! Getting a good vendor is very important as well as you cannot simply settle for a cheaper quotation as that usually brings along less quality work.

Which wall in your house or office can become a good feature wall

Which wall in your house or office can become a good feature wall and the five basic steps to get on with it?  

Consider a feature wall something that adds liveliness to an area. But to do that it must have a unique feature attached to it, one that would help lay emphasis on it and make it stand out. They make the room less boring to sit in and give you something interesting to look at if you are stuck inside. This is why waiting rooms often have a feature wall.

If you are looking for a Feature Wall Singapore, do consider Goodrich Global. They carry a wide variety of feature wall designs which can brighten up your home regardless of its current appearance now. Check out their site today: https://www.goodrichglobal.com/singapore/products/wallcovering/categories/all.html

If you are a homeowner and looking to add a feature wall to your home or office, read this article below by Aussie Murals to gain an insight on choosing the best spot for having a feature wall on!

 What is the right spot for installing a feature wall on?

There are a number of areas that may benefit from a feature wall, including the entrance of the house, the living room, and the bedroom. The main idea is to make a statement and highlight interesting angles or spaces in the room. An ideal feature wall should be unbroken by doors or windows for maximum impact. Read more here!

Besides that, walls that already have some architectural significance to them (walls behind fireplaces, built-in bookshelves, beds) naturally draw the eye and are good candidates for feature walls. Below are some tips by a Build writer on how to get started with a feature wall. It is not really that hard to spot a wall to transform to a featured one but it does take a bit of calculations and your own feel when you imagine it as being one. After you have considered the tips, you would be well equipped with the knowledge of where to perfectly build an accent wall.

The three steps to a creating successful feature wall

Feature walls are best used sparsely to create a greater visual impact. Having too many or even overly complex feature walls will go too far and jar the senses instead of simply evoking interest. You may want to consult some interior decorators if you are unsure of how to use a feature wall to its maximum advantage. Read more here!

Choosing the correct color scheme is amongst the most important things. If you have a natural lightened space you might want to go for deeper colors like red and blue but for a darker space you might want to go for white or beige to make the space seem larger and relax the user of the space. The easiest way to go about this is using oil paints. It adds depth and you can always mix colors at your ease to give a greater depth. Things that you might use include stone, wallpapers, and illustrations.

The lighting that is in that specific room is an important factor to consider. This is because throughout the day, you will need a space that relaxes you and is not too overwhelming. You can always test your spot with a little color before painting it all over. This would give you a rough idea full overhaul and you will not regret your choice later. As mentioned earlier, darker shades will make the space seem smaller and intimate and lighter shades will give the room an open feel.

The next big thing in the game is choosing the texture. This gives a feature wall its definition. You can easily achieve this by using stone or tiles. Cladding that is done using sandstone, marble or granite is a very trendy option you might want to consider going with. You can even create interesting textures using different tools or simply by your hands.

Other creative ideas for your feature wall

When you are done with the three steps mentioned above, follow on the tracks of Houzz writer Jo Froude to know about fun and creative ideas that can add on to the playfulness of your feature wall!

Keep things fresh with a regularly changing display, chalked up in your own fair hand. Chalkboard paint is available in a range of colors and allows you to create a new image on your chosen wall every day – or at least change the washing on the line. Anyone who’s spent a wet day indoors with exercise-deprived kids will recognize the beauty of this extraordinary hallway. Instead of metaphorically climbing the walls, your little ones can indulge in the real thing. Read more here!

The easiest way to express your creative skill set through your feature wall is by playing around with texture. You can create extensions of illusionary gardens to give a greater depth to space and use rough textures for example through treatment of concrete surface by sweeping a broom on it. As funny as it sounds, it gives the best results. You can also go for a display that has your collections of the items you adore.

To conclude, choosing the right location follows up by ‘correcting’ the feel of your space by choosing the right color and then deciding if it needs texture. Depending on your locality you will have multiple options available. And then when this is done you can top off your hard work with creative ideas mentioned above!