Types of Privacy Window Films

Having privacy window films Singapore installed is the most effective way of adding privacy to your home or office. However, there are various different types of films that can be installed on the windows and choosing the best kind to suit your needs may get a bit tricky.

1.Insulating film: as the name suggests this type of films keeps out the heat but lets in most of the light. This helps to reduce air conditioning costs to a great extent.

2.Glare reduction: these types of films come in various different levels of glare resistance that you can choose from to get the perfect amount of light into the area at all times whether it is natural light from outside or the harsh interior lights.

3.UV Blocking: these kinds of films can block up to 99.9% of all the UV rays that are emitted by the sun. Traditional glass can absorb only up to 25% this type of film has many health benefits due to this property.

4.Decorative films: while being protective and adding to the aesthetics of the area this type of film also allows for your desired level of privacy for the area in which it is put.

5.Safety and security: these types of films can be found in varying thicknesses that you can choose from depending on the needs of your space. They are safe as they can protect the people from broken glass pieces and also holds the frame together in cases where the glass is shattered. Thicker films can provide protection in case of bomb blasts.

6. One way mirror: this type of film can be used to create the effect of a one-way mirror on the glass. You are able to see through one side of the glass while people on the other side will only be able to see their own reflection. This type of effect can be seen only under the right lighting conditions.

7.Dyed films: a special dye is used in these types of films that allow the film to get its color and the solar blocking capabilities from it. This was the first every film that was made. The reflective surface of this type of film is very low and hence is perfect for those who do not like the reflective effect that some films give.

8.Metal films: metals are used in these kinds of films to block the heat.