EXILIS- The Perfect Aesthetic Treatment

If dieting and exercising has proven to be unsuccessful and not being able to fit into your favourite pair of jeans and swimsuit makes you feel down then here is the ideal solution for all your needs. If you are burdened with unwanted pounds and would like to enhance your appearance then you would surely be thrilled with the fact that Singapore now offers Exilis body sculpting services. You might have various queries regarding Exilis and how is it different from liposuction and this post will answer all of them.

What is Exilis?

Exilis is the boon of technology and is approved by the international medical association. It is a safe and clinically-proven non-invasive way of effectively melting away fat and tightening the skin. It is virtuallyeffective on all areas of the body and provides lasting results. The most common areas treated through this technique are face, jowls, neck, arms, back, abdomen and tummy. It is done through a radiofrequency device that treats the dermal layer of the skin. The radio frequency waves emitted through this device penetrate the skin and deeper into the tissues to melt away the fat through its heat. The fat cells are then destroyed and removed from the treatment area by the body’s natural processes. The course of treatment requires four sessions which are completed in eight weeks. After this treatment, skin regains its original taut, refreshing and revitalizing appearance.

Potential Risk

There are minor risks involved in Exilis which are:

  • Minor discomfort
  • Mild tenderness
  • Minor burns

But these are quite expected and very minute, usually subsiding quickly as the treated area starts healing. All these burns and marks are healed quickly with no long term problems by using the ointments and after care products provided by doctors.

How is Exilis different from liposuction?

Liposuction is an invasive procedure that removes entire deposits of fat cells from the body through bruising injections and are extremely painful. There is usage of anaesthesia and possibility of complications such as bleeding, blood clotting and scarring. On the other hand, Exilis is non-invasive and uses radio frequency, which is applied externally. This technique emulsifies and releases fat naturally without usage of any anaesthesia, needles or gels. It is designed to be painless and comfortable and thus there are no injections involved. All the patients tolerate the minute pain and warming sensations easily.

Exilis Facelift

Exilis facelift rejuvenates the appearance of the entire face as it tightens the skin and stimulates collagen, which softens the wrinkles and serves as a perfect alternative to non-invasive facelift procedures. Exilis energy provides a warming sensation to the deep tissues of skin and its advanced cooling helps to refresh the skin. The heat and energy redefines the loose skin and soothes the wrinkles by stimulating and strengthening collagen production, ultimately improving the laxity and texture of skin. The result is smoother, tighter, firmer and healthier looking skin.

The success rate of Exilis in Singapore is quite high and you can depend upon it for smoothening of wrinkles and complete contouring of face and body.