Types of ceramic tiles and their suppliers

Tiles are a building manufacturing material. They are manufactured by usually shaping them in a kiln in a very high temperature. They are durable and easy to use and usually made of hard materials like metal, sandstone, stone, glass, and ceramic. The word has its origin in the Latin word tegula which means a roof tile made of fired clay. The usage of tiles is seen in flooring, wall and roofs. Tiles can range from square pieces to mosaics which have a complex structure.

Ceramic is the most commonly used material in tiles. Glazed ceramic tiles are used for the interior, like for flooring, and unglazed ceramic tiles are used for the exterior, like the roofing. Flooring tiles are mainly made of ceramic that may be glazed or painted. Ceramic tile is manufactured through a process that required subsequent heating and cooling of clay and minerals. They are customized to get the desired look and feel. Ceramic tiles come in different shapes, sizes, textures, finishes, and colors. The suppliers of ceramic tiles ensure that they are aware of the latest trends and cater to the demand of the customers. Ceramic tiles supplier in Singapore also follow this principle.

Types and Suppliers:

The different types of ceramic tiles depend on the type of usage. If it is made for flooring, it will have certain characteristics and dimensions. Similarly, if it made for roofing or the wall, it will have different properties. Usually, floor tiles are glazed and roofing tiles are unglazed. Glazing the floor tile makes them resilient to dirt and dust and thus, it is easy to clean. Unglazed ceramic tiles used tin roofs that are resilient to wear and tear and thus, have a greater longevity. Also it has a better protective shield. On the other hand, ceramic tiles used on walls are thinner and harder, making them more resilient.

There are suppliers for each type of ceramic tile. These suppliers specialize in the particular type that they supply. Some specialize in flooring tiles while others in roofing tiles. In Singapore there is an increased use in tiles to decorate commercial and personal spaces. Thus, there is a rise in ceramic tiles supplier in Singapore. These suppliers are conscious of maintaining their brand and thus strive to provide the best quality to their customers. There is a tough competition in Singapore among the tile suppliers.